November 8, 2017

What would have happened if Steven Stamkos were to leave Tampa Bay

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Stamkos made Tampa fans rejoice and other promise suitors weep as he resigned with the Bolts for 8yr/$68 million, Which can be quite cheap for a player of his caliber. But what were to happen to the Lightning if Stamkos were to chase the money rather than the stability? Let recognize. Ended up three potential suitors for Stamkos before he signed: Generally San Jose Sharks, The higher toronto Maple Leafs, And these Tampa Bay Lightning. If he might have signed with another team, Make any difference the Maple Leafs or the Sharks took Stamkos, Tampa lineup would have might look like this:Palat, Kucherov, And manley Drouin, Filppula, Or Namestnikov Callahan, Boyle, And brown lightly Paquette, Killorn, And additionally ConacherBen Bishop, Andrei Vasilevskiy, To Kristers Gudlevskis Nikita Kucherov and Victor Hedman get to be the faces of the franchise, Though both of their commitment are strange as well. It a safe assumption to say that Tampa will have made the playoffs, Considering Kucherov as a Top 10 NHL player, But would get eliminated in the first or second round by a better team like the New York Islanders or Pittsburgh Penguins. Following that season, They possible lose Ben Bishop, Winner Hedman, Yet Jonathan Drouin, Effectively ending their playoff hopes for introduced. It a unpredictable manner effect that a player of Stamkos caliber has on the rest on the team. Without the need for Stamkos, The Lightning goal production would have most likely gone down by a substantial margin. This is also true for the opposite. Since Stamkos stayed and gave the Lightning a hometown discount, The trickle down effect also reached an additional critical pillar of the franchise, Winner Hedman(8 yr/$64 million) And really should happen to RFA Nikita Kucherov as well. We wouldn feel the loss that hard just. The real loss is more what he signifies. The franchise needs a face and Stammer is ideally designed for that role. I think the Hedman contract is independant of matters. I dont think there seemed to be any scenario where he left. Kuch is signed, But concern there is if it will be long term. The Stamkos contract did push Bishop on their way though. I think that the development draft was always going to be an issue with us and Bish, Desires to know about happened with Stammer. Obviously, The money could have been there, Depending on what other companies are asking. I guess, They wouldn have been able to get many of the other guys for a lower amount. Maybe all of our big guys opt out for the bigger pay day and we lose some without the example set. Next summer months time signings will show if his impact was real. If the development draft wasn coming, Then I would agree about this. But with only to be able to protect one, I can see going for younger, Cheaper option whichever. It was so many to resign. I do think his leadership may have been missed though. Whereas he wasn playing, He was there because of the team, Helping where he could and walking that fine line of to not get in the way. I do think irrespective who we lose, We may feel a slight impact after preliminary shock wears off, But the team is a useful one to keep pushing forward. People were in the playoffs. I don think losing anyone would have slowed them down much. I think we would have seen some impact play wise at the beginning of the season. Our team has a way of stepping up to the task when someone is out due to injury. Come in that area lucifer. Had we lost stamkos we would def resign hedman/kutch/TyJo and in all likelihood bish with money for Druin as well. Unless you suspect that Stamkos is the only reason why people play here. Also goal production would have dropped but less than you think, In playoffs we demonstrated that we can play and win without him. Also i think he could possibly have signed with either Red Wings or Leafs if the money was the option. I don think sharks had much of a chance in reality.