OtterBox Commuter Series for the HTC One M8

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The Commuter Series for the all new HTC One (M8) offers the perfect amount of protection without adding the extra thickness to your device. With its bold design language, this protective case for the all new HTC One (M8) accentuates every innovative curve and feature of the device. Smartphones cost too much to take a chance on breaking them. And while this isn’t our most rugged case on the market, it is extremely tough and gives you the best chance at protecting your investments without the added bulk. This case fits beautifully over the all new HTC One (M8), preserving the sleekness of the device. If you haven’t already converted to OtterBox protective solutions, this case for the all new HTC One (M8) will make you a believer!

  • Two-piece, pocket-friendly all new HTC One (M8) cover features a rugged, yet stylized, design
  • Self-adhesive screen protector keeps the touch screen safe, while port covers keep the ports and jacks free of dust and debris
  • This case for the all new HTC One (M8) is built for full functionality and open access to the incredible features of this device, including the IR Blaster, UltraPixel Camera and front-facing speakers
  • Only on can you build your own custom all new HTC One (M8) case with our unique color combinations

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  • The all new HTC One (M8)


  • SCREEN PROTECTION: Self-adhesive screen protector guards against scratches to the all new HTC One (M8) touch screen
  • INTERNAL LAYER: Durable synthetic rubber absorbs bumps and shocks
  • EXTERNAL LAYER: Polycarbonate shell provides solid impact protection
  • OPEN ACCESS to all features and buttons including infrared technology


  • Internal slip cover cushions the all new HTC One (M8) from impact
  • Sleek polycarbonate shell provides impact resistance
  • A self-adhesive screen protector guards against smudges and scrapes

Environmental Protection:

The Commuter Series case for the all new HTC One (M8) provides added protection against drops, bumps and shock but is NOT protective against water.