OtterBox Defender Series for HTC One Mini

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Make your Mini mightier with trusted OtterBox protection. This incredibly powerful smartphone in a small package is going to get you where you need to go, keep you in touch with everyone and help you stay on top of every post and tweet. That makes it something you’ll want to protect with the multi-layer Defender Series HTC One mini case. This petite device will be completely covered by this rugged HTC One Mini case that will take all the bumps and bruises of your life. Never worry about a drop to the ground or a dance with keys in your pocket or purse. This case has a built-in screen protector to guard against scratches and scuffs to the touch screen and port covers to keep dust, lint and debris out of ports and jacks. Enjoy this slim device with protection you can count on.

  • Rugged, every day protection with the Defender Series HTC One Mini case
  • Completely enclose this petite smartphone with powerful drop protection you can trust
  • Avoid scratches to your touch screen with the built-in screen protector
  • Defender Series case is engineered for precision fit

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  • HTC One Mini


  • Multilayer case protects against bumps, drops and shocks
  • All buttons are fully functional through the Defender Series HTC One Mini case
  • 1-year warranty


  • Polycarbonate inner shell snaps around the device to protect against impact
  • Built-in screen protector guards against scratches scrapes to the touch screen
  • Outer slipcover wraps around inner shell to absorb impact from drops and bumps
  • Belt-clip holster is included and does double duty as a media-viewing stand

Environmental Protection:

The Defender Series HTC One Mini case provides added protection against bumps, drops, bumps, dust and shock but is NOT protective against water.

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