December 18, 2014

OtterBox Symmetry Series for iPhone 6 Review

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By: Liz of Mommy's Little Corner


I was recently sent a sample of Otter Box iPhone 6 case to review. If you haven’t heard of Otter Box, yet, they are the Number 1 Cell Phone Case Covers Manufacturer. The Symmetry Series was the case sent to me.

My Thoughts

First off, I love the color of the case; it’s teal and the back is pink. You can tell that it’s made of high quality materials. It’s very cool and definitely stylish! The sides and inside of the case are made of rubber. It is soft enough to protect your smartphone from scratches and strong enough to protect your phone from drops. The back [pink part] is made of hard plastic. The fit is perfect and all the buttons can be easily accessed.

Read the full review on her website.


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December 1, 2014

Choose Only Trusted Protection for Your iPhone 6

Ever wanted more options of OtterBox for your iPhone? Now you can! We now have different series that will suit the various lifestyles of our OtterBox users!

OtterBox Defender Series – PHP2,850.00


Def_iP6_Black3Def_iP6_CrushedDamson1  Def_iP6_ElectricIndigo2

Black                                                                        Crushed Damson                                                                 Electric Indigo

Def_iP6_Glacier3 Def_iP6_Inkblue1 Def_iP6_Neonrose2


Glacier                                                                               Ink Blue                                                                         Neon Rose

Def_iP6_Oasis1 Def_iP6_Plumpunch2


Oasis                                                                               Plum Punch


OtterBox Commuter Series – PHP2,150.00


Com_iP6_Black1 Com_iP6_Aqua2 Com_iP6_Glacier2

Black                                                                                  Aqua                                                                                  Glacier

Com_iP6_Inkblue3 Com_iP6_Neonrose3


Ink Blue                                                                             Neon Rose


OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet for iPhone 6 – PHP2,500.00


Comwallet_iP6_Black3 Commwallet_iP6_Glacier3 Comwallet_iP6_Neonrose3

Black                                                                                  Glacier                                                                             Neon Rose


OtterBox Symmetry Series – PHP2,150.00


Sym_iP6_Black2 Sym_iP6_Blueprint2 Sym_iP6_Damsonberry3

Black                                                                                 Blueprint                                                                       Damson Berry

Sym_iP6_Glacier2 Sym_iP6_Teal Rose2


Glacier                                                                                Teal Rose

OtterBox Symmetry Series (Graphic Cases) – PHP2,500.00




Sym_iP6_Aquadot1 Sym_iP6_Poppypetal3 Sym_iP6_Floralpond3


Aqua Dot                                                                         Poppy Petal                                                                        Floral Pond

Protect Your iPhone 6 Plus With a Brand New OtterBox

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Bigger and better devices need bigger and better protection – and OtterBox has the right solution! Choose from a range of different types of protection!


OtterBox Defender Series – PHP3,600.00

APL2-ALP100-20-bh                         APL2-ALP100-J1-bh

Black                                                                  Glacier


OtterBox Commuter Series – PHP2,950.00

APL4-ALP100-20-b                           APL4-ALP100-J1-b

Black                                                                Glacier


OtterBox Symmetry Series – PHP2,950.00